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Zelynda & Manvir

"We met with Kiran about 15 months before our marriage and she was very helpful throughout the process. She is a very detail-oriented person who brought lots of great ideas the entire time. The day of the wedding and reception, her team was there to help every step of the way and make sure things ran smoothly and on time! Thank you again Kiran, we really appreciate all you did for us."


Komal & Kamal

"Kiran and team did a great job for our wedding and reception. We did the month of coordination option as we were planning to be heavily involved with the planning process. The biggest advantage to using their service is it helps significantly reduce the anxiety on your big day and allows you to actually enjoy the ceremony/events rather than worrying and having people come to you with questions. Kiran helps manage all the vendors and also is great with recommendations during planning. If the question in your mind is whether to "hire or not hire" a planner for your wedding, definitely choose to hire and give Kiran a call! You'll be thankful when all is said and done."

Kamalpreet & Kamran

"At first, I was super apprehensive about spending money on a planner. I thought that could probably do things myself, with the help of a family member or two. My wife convinced me to give it a try, and I am so happy that I did that. There are a ton of details that I didn’t think of, that KP did. The devil is truly in the details, and without their support, I don’t know if I would have enjoyed my own events. They are super professional, they know their stuff, and they do an amazing job with managing vendors who can be difficult to work with. So, I definitely give them 5 stars, and feel like it was money very well spent. We will also be using her for our reception, a year from now."


Manbir & Raja

"We hired Kiran for our wedding and it was the best decision. She made sure everything happened how we wanted it to be. She is very organized and pays attention to small details. She gave us a lot of new ideas about different things and was a big support throughout the events. Would definitely recommend her to anyone planning on getting married."

Jasdeep & AJ

"Detail-oriented. Insightful. Organized. Grateful for Kiran's services in planning my wedding last year! Could not have imagined things going as smoothly as they did without her help. My wedding was very large and it would have been much more stressful for me and my family if it were not for her and her team. Kiran worked with us in the last few months leading up to the wedding, as well as in coordinating the day of each event. She had copies of detailed agendas made for each event and gave them to my family members to ensure everyone was on the same page. I was surprised to see how calm she was given the stressful nature of her work. Also, very impressed to see how professionally she handled dealing with the types of abrasive personalities that come with the territory of the wedding planning business. I highly recommend her services for your special day!"

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Samita & Satbir

​"Last summer, Kiran helped my husband and our families pull off a wedding to remember! Kiran was great at communicating the whole month leading up to our events (we chose the “month out” services) and she made sure that both of our families had everything we needed for each one of the events. She was very detail oriented and organized. Kiran helped us compile our to do list and added things that we may not have even thought of! This helped in the long run for the day of each event to ensure things ran smoothly. Even if there were things that needed attention in the moment, she was quick to resolve or find a solution to an issue! This eased a lot of the stress that comes the day of each event and allowed us as a couple and family to enjoy each day to the fullest!! Thanks again for all your help Kiran!!"

Sisma & Rahul

"We hired Kiran when we had only few months left before the wedding and she made everything work very smoothly for us on the day off. She is very organized and very responsive. There are a lot of tiny details that are involved in planning a wedding (most of which we had no clue about) and she took care of it all. Whatever you need, you just have to ask. She’ll do the research for you. Vendor coordination was seamless. She even negotiated good deals for us! We are very glad we hired her and would be happy to recommend her to anyone."

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Janaki & Steven

"My husband and I hired Kiran to help plan our Indian wedding in Seattle. Our careers are really busy and we have inflexible hours, but Kiran was able to work with us during even the busiest months. She was especially helpful during the weekend of the wedding, when she really helped organize and direct our vendors. Our wedding consisted of 3 events over 2 days and she handled all the vendors and our families with absolute professionalism and efficiency. She was accommodating and persistent with us and our vendors, which led to the wedding we always dreamed of! Thank you, Kiran!"

Amardeep & Mandeep

​"Punjabi weddings can be likened to small festivals, and not unlike festivals they require the coordination of multiple vendors to bring it all together.  I, like many brides, started planning my wedding as soon as I knew I had found the one.  My sister and I would sit together and plan out all I had ever wanted for my big day - from what I was going to wear during my Sangeet, to the desert table at the reception.  Although my husband and I, with the support of our families, were able to manage to get most of the planning and vendors locked in for our dream wedding, I wish I would have involved Kiran sooner into the process. We brought Kiran on to help us coordinate the wedding events, and from the onset we knew we had hired the right 

Amardeep & Mandeep.webp

person for the job! She quickly got up to speed with where we were in the planning process and aligned her services to provide help where we needed it most.  Kiran is very organized, every call or meeting we had with her was productive and brought us closer to our goal.  Her attention to detail while helping setup the timeline of events helped us resolve issues that would arise from the small details that are often overlooked. 

Kiran was no different when it came time to coordinate the vendors and enforce the event timelines.  She made sure that all aspects of events that we had discussed were executed on time and in accordance to the contracts we had with the different vendors.  She was awesome with our families and made sure the parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends - everybody enjoyed the events rather than worrying about things that needed to be done.  Her team was very professional and courteous - it was like having three Kiran’s helping out!

Whether you think you do, or you don't - you need Kiran on your side for your upcoming wedding.  Although, we only hired Kiran for the most critical part of our wedding, she is capable of planning your entire wedding without you even lifting a finger - seriously!  The stress that a Punjabi wedding causes the family, was immediately lifted by bringing Kiran on board, and as a bride I can't stress this enough - ladies, if you're on the fence regarding hiring a coordinator/planner--hire Kiran if you want your wedding week to be stress free and enjoyable!"

Annie & Manpreet

​"When I first started the wedding planning process, I thought I could do it on my own. I didn’t think I needed any help. After deciding to give a wedding planner a shot, I hired Kiran. It was hands down the absolute best decision I could have ever made. After we started talking, I truly realized what her value was. I was missing many little details that only she could have caught. She made sure that there were no gaps in the timelines, vendors or any ceremony traditions. She was on top of everything and made sure that I stayed on top of all the necessary tasks during the wedding month. During the actual events, I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. I was so relaxed because I knew Kiran was on top of anything that could possibly go wrong. Any little thing that needed to be fixed, she was there to take care of it right away. She made sure the venue was flawless. She even stayed the entire night at our disposal!! This is something she definitely didn’t need to do, but did so in the event something went wrong. I appreciate her so much and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without her. She was just perfect and I will be recommending her to anyone that I possibly can!"

Nikki & Ashish

​"My husband and I hired Kiran from KP Style Events for our Cancun destination wedding planning and it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Kiran was amazing and worked with us to help find and book our vendors as well as work out all the small details and timelines that are so often forgotten about. Not only is she easy to talk to and work with, but she is quick and knows how to handle difficult situations. For example, our wedding was supposed to be outdoors and the morning of there was a crazy storm and a downpour of rain that sent me into a panicking bride. Kiran told me not to worry and to just enjoy my day and quickly took control of the situation. She worked with all of the vendors and was able to move all of our décor and coordinate the wedding to happen indoors and it was beautiful. Our wedding day was perfect and stress free and we were able to enjoy our special day with all of our friends and family and that’s exactly what every couple wants. Do yourselves a favor and book Kiran from KP Style Events and you will not regret it!"

Veronica & Wes

​​"If there was an option to give Kiran of KP Style Events 6 stars, I happily would. Kiran went above and beyond our expectations as our wedding coordinator and we could not be happier with the service she provided. The level of stress my wife and I felt towards planning our wedding drastically decreased the moment we hired Kiran and it continued to decrease with every interaction we had with her. Kiran was laser focused on the details we cared about and was proactive about thinking through everything we had not though of yet. There wasn't an "I" that wasn't dotted nor were there any "T"s that went uncrossed. She was incredibly responsive by phone, email and text during the week and on weekends. She took the reins on coordinating vendors, organizing logistics, arranging timelines, and was a wealth of

knowledge for us throughout the entire process. Her expertise and organization were thorough and having her on site for the day of the wedding allowed us to truly enjoy our special day. Kiran was worth every penny and will be the person I refer my family and friends to moving forward. Do yourself a favor and at least have a conversation with her. I couldn't be happier that I did as she turned out to be the most valuable resource to my wife and I."

Carly & Ross

"I couldn't imagine my wedding without Kiran and KP Style Events! Kiran was my day of coordinator. She is extremely detail oriented, organized, and punctual. She coordinated all vendors, stylists, etc. for my wedding. Everything was planned to a timeline (that she wrote) and everything was on time. She was flexible and knew just how to keep me calm day of. She made sure on the day of my wedding all I had to do was enjoy myself and my time with family and friends. She was there from set up to breakdown. I highly recommend Kiran's services and will definitely be using her for any other events in the future!! Thanks, KP Style Events!"

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