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Unique Guestbook Ideas

Your wedding is one of the most important and special days of your life. While photos are a great way to capture the memories of that perfect day, it is also nice to have something else that serves as a reminder of who attended your nuptials.

A guest book is the perfect way to look back and remember who shared the day you became a married couple, but the traditional sign-in book seems outdated and often doesn't get much attention after the wedding. Luckily, there are many unique options for customized and personalized guest books that will ensure they are centerpieces of your wedding as well as your home.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

If you are still wanting something semi-traditional for your guestbook, yet a modern upgrade, a photo scrapbook is an excellent alternative. Create a photo station that includes multi-colored scrapbook paper, stickers, decorative tape, and pens, so guests can let their imagination run wild. If possible, have multiple Polaroid cameras available so couples, individuals, and families can snap a picture and attach it to their own unique scrapbook page. Voila! A beautiful book for you to walk down memory lane, without having to do any of the hard work!


MadLibs are another fun alternative to the typical guest book. MadLibs are sentences with certain words left out so your guests can fill in the blank. They can be as tame, or as ridiculous, as you wish, and they really provide an interesting perspective into your guests’ minds. These fun sentences can be sentimental, or downright hilarious, to read through during your honeymoon as well as on anniversaries through the years.

Guest Book 2.0

Another highly modern option for your unique guestbook is to have your guests film video messages on a designated iPad. Having shout outs and messages from the people who shared your special day is a fun keepsake that will leave you crying and laughing as you watch, especially for those select guests who took advantage of the open bar!

Lifelong Adventures

If you are an adventurous couple who loves jet-setting and trying out the latest trends, have guests leave suggestions for your bucket list. Leave pens and small notecards for them to write down the craziest thing they have done and recommend for you to try, or even suggest places around the world they have traveled. Put them all in a jar and grab one out whenever you feel the need for your next adventure.

Save Time in a Bottle

If you are looking for more of a romantic guest book idea, nothing is more sentimental than sweet messages from your family and friends. Ask attendants to leave messages on small pieces of paper, and then place those messages inside of a bottle. Seal the bottle and open it on your first anniversary. Nothing will bring back the feelings of love and joy like reading through those well-wishes with your spouse.

Home Décor

There are many guest book ideas that can complement the décor in your home. Whether you have a large engagement photo on a canvas which you have guests sign, or a custom photo frame which they can leave their best wishes, having these items to display around your house will serve as a constant reminder of the support you have from the ones you love. Another idea is to have a long plank of wood for guests to sign and write messages on, then down the road incorporate this into the center of a dining room table or picnic table for your family to enjoy meals together.

No matter what idea you choose, having a guest book is the perfect way to remember all of the special people who came together to help you celebrate your wedding day. By choosing an option that fits with your lifestyle and preferences, you won't have just another book stored away, collecting dust, but rather you will have a beautiful displayed memento of the beginning of your life together.


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