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Jasdeep & AJ

Detail-oriented. Insightful. Organized. Grateful for Kiran's services in planning my wedding last year! Could not have imagined things going as smoothly as they did without her help. My wedding was very large and it would have been much more stressful for me and my family if it were not for her and her team. Kiran worked with us in the last few months leading up to the wedding, as well as in coordinating the day of each event. She had copies of detailed agendas made for each event and gave them to my family members to ensure everyone was on the same page. I was surprised to see how calm she was given the stressful nature of her work. Also very impressed to see how professionally she handled dealing with the types of abrasive personalities that come with the territory of the wedding planning business. I highly recommend her services for your special day!


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