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Four Reasons to Have A Springtime Wedding

Planning a wedding means making a lot of decisions, from what kind of bouquet you want to carry to which friends and neighbors make it onto the guest list. For most couples, the very first decision they need to make is when the wedding will take place. Do they want to get married in the winter? The summer?

If you ask us, the springtime is actually the ideal time to say “I do” — and here are a few reasons why!

The Weather is Perfect

Choosing the right wedding date is often an exercise in predicting the weather. The couple has to find the perfect season — one where it won't rain, won't be too chilly, and won't be so hot that guests will melt during dinner. Luckily, there is one season that perfectly meets these requirements (we'll let you guess which one it is).

Couples getting married in March or April will likely see temperatures around the mid 50-60 degrees, and weddings in May only average around high 60-mid 70 degrees. Also, these months do not fall into the rainy season, which means you are more likely to enjoy an outdoor ceremony without having to watch the sky.

It's Very Romantic

Spring is often viewed as a time for beautiful rebirth and renewal. Plants are sprouting after hiding underground all winter. Animals are giving birth, starting a new life cycle all over the world. This makes it a perfect time to celebrate your marriage (after all, what is marriage if not a rebirth for your relationship?).

If you want to imbue your wedding with a romantic and poetic feeling, getting married in the spring is a great place to start. Not only will your wedding be a lovely celebration of your commitment to your partner and your new life together, but it will also be connected to the new life blossoming all around you!

The Flowers Are Blooming

As mentioned, spring is a time for rebirth among most plants and animals. Flowers are no exception to this rule; many blossoms make their first appearance of the year during the springtime months. What does this mean for a springtime bride? She will have so many seasonal florals to choose from!

Getting married in the spring means you have a wealth of in-season flowers you can select for your wedding décor. Do you want peonies in your bouquet? They're available! Sweet pea in your centerpieces? You got it! A wall of lilac and hydrangea for guests to pose for pictures? It's all yours. With a spring wedding, the floral possibilities are practically endless.

Your Favorite Vendor is (Probably) Free

With all the perks that spring weddings provide, you might think that spring is the most popular time to wed. But shockingly, spring weddings are not as common as you might think. Summer has been the undisputed champion of weddings for many years, and autumn has become quite popular in recent years.

However, this leads to yet another benefit for spring weddings: most vendors are available. That's right, getting married in the spring might be the key to getting the caterer, musician, or venue of your dreams. In fact, you may even be able to book them at a discount; when a vendor's schedule isn't packed with weddings every single week, they're more likely to negotiate their rate.

As you start to plan your wedding, remember to think about having a springtime ceremony. It's romantic, beautiful, and might even save a little money — what could be better than that?


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