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Amardeep & Mandeep Dhaliwal

"Punjabi weddings can be likened to small festivals, and not unlike festivals they require the coordination of multiple vendors to bring it all together.  I, like many brides, started planning my wedding as soon as I knew I had found the one.  My sister and I would sit together and plan out all I had ever wanted for my big day - from what I was going to wear during my Sangeet, to the desert table at the reception.  Although my husband and I, with the support of our families, were able to manage to get most of the planning and vendors locked in for our dream wedding, I wish I would have involved Kiran sooner into the process.  We brought Kiran on to help us coordinate the wedding events, and from the onset we knew we had hired the right person for the job! She quickly got up to speed with where we were in the planning process and aligned her services to provide help where we needed it most.  Kiran is very organized, every call or meeting we had with her was productive and brought us closer to our goal.  Her attention to detail while helping setup the timeline of events helped us resolve issues that would arise from the small details that are often overlooked.  Kiran was no different when it came time to coordinate the vendors and enforce the event timelines.  She made sure that all aspects of events that we had discussed were executed on time and in accordance to the contracts we had with the different vendors.  She was awesome with our families and made sure the parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends - everybody enjoyed the events rather than worrying about things that needed to be done.  Her team was very professional and courteous - it was like having three Kirans helping out! Whether you think you do, or you don't - you need Kiran on your side for your upcoming wedding.  Although, we only hired Kiran for the most critical part of our wedding, she is capable of planning your entire wedding without you even lifting a finger - seriously!  The stress that a Punjabi wedding causes the family, was immediately lifted by bringing Kiran on board, and as a bride I can't stress this enough - ladies, if you're on the fence regarding hiring a coordinator/planner--hire Kiran if you want your wedding week to be stress free and enjoyable!"


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