Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Type of Couple

With wedding season right around the corner, there's no doubt that you have begun questioning what you should give the happy couple. It can seem like a no-brainer to head over to their wedding registry, but what if you wanted to get them something more unique and personal than a set of new dish towels? While money is always an option, it can also feel like you put no thought into their big day. Worry, no more. We have put together a list of the top wedding gift ideas for every type of couple.

For the wine lovers…

Wine glasses may be a typical staple for wedding registries, but you will be stepping out-of-the-box with our first wedding gift idea. Give the newlyweds something to look forward to for the entire first year of their wedded bliss with a monthly wine delivery. There are many companies that offer featured wines of the month and will ship a package directly to the couple's door. There are also some memberships that will specially pick bottles of wine based on the receivers’ preferences, guaranteeing they are pleased with that bottle of red.

For the stargazers…

For your friends who enjoy spending summer nights in the outdoors and relaxing in the backyard, our next wedding gift idea will be perfect. A cast iron fire pit is an excellent gift that the couple may not have thought of to include on their wedding registry, but it is one that will see plenty of use! A fire pit is the ideal place to sit around a fire with friends, or make s'mores with family while they recount all of the exciting wedding memories. With this popular wedding gift, you might even get lucky enough to get invited over for some late night bonfires!

For the adventurers…

If the couple are more off-roaders and prefer the company if the outdoors, then giving them a good excuse to cuddle close when they go camping will make your wedding gift a huge hit. Perfect for the newlyweds, a giant sleeping bag made for two is practical and romantic. The couple can snuggle close and enjoy the stars, or plan an extended honeymoon trip, all from the comfort of their one-of-a-kind cocoon. Certain brands of the duo sleeping bags even have special spots for dogs, so their pup can tag along.

For the Party Planners…

Once all of the wedding planning is over, the couple will have plenty of free time on their hands. For the pair other loves to host events, this is the perfect opportunity to throw some housewarming parties. Help them prepare by giving them a gift that is stylish and useful, such as a luxurious cutting board and serving platter. While the cutting board is convenient for everyday use in the kitchen, it also doubles as a gorgeous serving tray for parties. The couple can slide the cheese and pass it out on all one tray, giving them more time to chat with the party guests (which include you, I'm sure!)

For the romantics…

If you are looking for something a little more sentimental for the lovely couple, look no further than a custom art design on canvas of the skyline where they first met. This wedding gift idea is sure to provide plenty of emotions in the newlyweds, and will be a great decoration for the walls of their home together.

For the art enthusiasts…

If you are still looking for something a little more creative for the creative couple, try getting a year-long membership to one of their favorite art museums. This gift will not only help finance their love of art and artists, it will also help give them plenty of opportunities to bond and stroll around together among the Monets and Pollacks.

No matter what type the soon-to-be-married couple is, there are many unique gifts available that will help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking for something more sentimental than money, or more exciting than a crockpot, our wedding gift ideas are sure to satisfy and become the favorite picks of the newlyweds.

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