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Tips for Hosting a Valentine's Day Party

No matter if you are attached or single, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and all things related. There is no better excuse than a holiday to throw a party for your closest friends, so why not go all out this Valentine’s Day? We have put together some tips for hosting a memorable and fun Valentine’s Day party.

Guest List

The first thing to think about as you begin planning your party is the guest list. Because Valentine’s Day is all about spreading the love, you don't want to end up spreading yourself too thin by having too many guests! If you end up inviting a lot of people, you don't get to spend very much time with any of them, and that only adds to your to-do list. Keep the party intimate and only invite close friends so you can relax and enjoy the event with them.


While red and pink might be the typical color theme for the holiday, give your party a more grown-up vibe by sticking to a muted color palette with creams, light pastels, and copper or silver accents. Incorporating some light pink in the decor is a good way to bring in the classic color without making it feel overwhelming or too busy. Give the decorations some sparkle by adding a pop of glitter on a fun cake topper or a cute banner for the snack table. Add some fresh flowers and greenery to finish off the look.


Continue the color scheme into the foods by incorporating a white layered cake that is the centerpiece of the table. With that glitter topper full of fun and spunk, it is sure to be the showstopper of the entire party. And what Valentine’s Day party is complete without some sweet sugar cookies? Find some cookie cutters in the shapes of Xs and Os to keep it flirty and cute, but give those adorable X and O cutouts a modern spin with all white frosting and then some rock candy sprinkles.


Nothing pairs better with a sugar cookie than a glass of bubbly pink champagne. Dress it up by adding a fresh strawberry on the rim, or get extra crafty by cutting the strawberry into a heart-shape first. Pink lemonade is another great drink for guests to sip on that can be garnished with a lemon slice or pink sugar along the rim.


Although you may be throwing an adult Valentine’s Day party, nothing brings you back more than homemade valentines to give out to your friends and sweethearts. Designate a space in your house as valentine central, and lay out scissors, stamps, markers, and pretty scrapbook paper. Include some lace and doilies along with buttons and twine for those DIY experts in your group, and you are ready to go! Step it up a notch by having a contest for the most creative valentine.


No matter how old you are, you are never too old for some fun and games at your party. After all the food and crafts, throwing down with some hilarious games will be the perfect way to make your party an event to remember. Before guests arrive, write popular romance movies on cards. When you are ready to play, have each person stick the card on their forehead and ask questions to try to figure out their movie. This is an easy game that can be as wild or as tame as you want it!

Hosting a Valentine’s Day party is the perfect way to show your friends how much you love spending time with them. Throw a memorable and exciting party that will leave them talking by following our expert tips and advice. With the decor, food, drinks, crafts, and games, your party will have a fun theme while still maintaining an adult and glam vibe.

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